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you can take back what you gave but you can’t take back what you said

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yes..!! this is the future of the people like me who are suffering from the most hazardous disease Overthinking .
• she loves me or not (over thinking)
• do she like someone else (over thinking)
•  why she don’t like me (over thinking)
• why she likes him instead of me (over thinking  )
• is she hiding something (over thinking)
• is she lying (over thinking)
• is she going to love me till my last breath (over thinking )
• will she like it (over thinking )
• what should I do (over thinking )
• how to make money (over thinking )
• how to ignore someone (over thinking )
• I am the best if no why (over thinking )
• blaw blaw blaw………………

we do think over these things even once in our life very deeply …
….. what is your opinion is over thinking is healthy or not if in support why and if not in favor why ???
comment fast

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why.. ?


yes.. I am a Facebook addict and I am using it since 2010 but till the date I am unable to get why Facebook is giving me an option to like my own status or photo posts….?? I don’t get it …
I am an awesome person and I will definitely like my post if I don’t like it I will simply not post it… so there is no simple reason of providing me an option which I literally don’t need…. 😒😶😓😓

fb walooooo …?

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Human Rights


whenever we are going for a visit a hotel is one of the most important place where we can have shelter and it acts as a virtual home for us.
what if you are not even allowed to check in to the hotel because you are an unmarried couple (a man and a women). this is like you are out for somewhere it is 12am. in the clock you are roaming in streets with a women but when you find a hotel then also you are not allowed to check in there.
the hotel staff clearly deny to provide rooms but according to rules or we say according to constitution hotels cannot deny any unmarried couple to reside there.
some of the hotels increase the prices of the rooms just because the one who wants a room is an unmarried couple.
so, you cannot spend your night with a women on a streets but you are also not given any place to reside  ….
what to do ???????…..

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according to the modernized era English is not only a language whereas it has become a criteria to judge one’s intelligence. people don’t understand that its just an language moreover originated from the language which is termed as less superior than it.
even in India English is not  a mother tongue but people who can’t speak English is not even allowed to go for any kind of interview because there is a compulsion for using language English during any kind of conversation. people who do not have hold on English are said to be a bad communicator.
The kind of superiority which is being given to a language is crossing limits. if you want English compulsory then make it completely and make it the mother tongue in the place of Hindi 😤😤

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Freedom 251.


Freedom 251
The tri back pannel 3G mobile costs just Rs. 251 in India. 😵
yes.! this is shocking but it is truth. India is all set to maintain their position to deal with the cheapest mobiles all over the world after a huge and successive sale of akash tablets , again India has launched a mobile which is available at a most affordable price.
The plan of modiji to make India digital starts now the rush over the website is so much that the people are not even sleeping for registering the most cheapest 3G mobile with the latest tech. in it.
The mobile is fully loaded with the tech. which is on go now a days moreover the mobile has an inbuilt application of make in India apps. this mobile is really  going to give a massive hit to the industry because it has been claimed that more than 25 lakh pieces have been subscribed.
so,I am going to subscribe one not for me but for the one who can’t afford any other mobile handset if you are subscribing it for yourself while having a mobile …. shame..!!..  

read and comment is must

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The price for the unlocked versions of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are $649 for the 16GB iPhone 6s, $749 (roughly Rs. 50,000) for the 64GB iPhone 6s and 16GB iPhone 6s Plus, $849 (roughly Rs. 57,000) for 128GB iPhone 6s and 64GB iPhone 6s Plus, and $949 (roughly Rs. 63,200) for the 128GB iPhone 6s Plus.
as we all know….
but what if I say … No. the actual prize of making of an iPhone is $30 only.
see the margin.
the rest is just the shipping charges, the warehouse charges and the labor charges….

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